Security Tapes

Security Tapes
Security Tapes
Packguard tamper evident security tapes are with multiple security technologies for different security functions and unique requirements. Packguard tamper proof security tapes are including tamper evident security packing tapes, tamper proof security bag tapes and tamper evident digital security tapes.

The size, thickness, top security printing, security levels, serial numbers, barcodes and perforations of security tamper evident tapes can be customized for unique requirements. 

1. Security Packing Tapes

Packguard security packing tapes for securing boxes have transfer and non transfer two typies.

a. Transfer Security Packing Tapes

Security hidden message will show on tampered security packaging tape and application surface after removed. 

b. Non Transfer Security Packing Tapes

The security hidden message will reveal on tampered tamper proof security tapes but without residue left on the application surface after removed.
It keeps the surface clean without dirty. A good solution to secure the high value products and re-cycle packagings.

The tamper evident security packing tapes can be customized, which including:
- size, color and security hidden message
- imprint for LOGO and text is available

- professional & unique adhesive formulation for special application surface to be a perfect tamper evident performance

- holographic image is available

2. Digital Security Tapes

The digital tamper evident security tapes are printed with serial numbers or/and with barcode/2D, plus with perforations. The serial numbers/barcodes can be transferred on applied surface completely after removed. The serial numbers & barcodes and length of perforations can be customized. Standard length of perforation is 150mm.

3. Security Bag Tapes

Packguard security bag sealing tapes are speciallied for treatment PE/PP security bags and security envelopes. For different application ways to seal the tamper evident security bag tapes, Packguard supplies different kinds of tamper proof security tapes, such as security film without glue, single side self-adhesion security tapes and double sided security tapes. You would choose a most suitable tamper evidence security bag tape for your special security bags and security envelopes production.

a. Security Film

The security tamper evident film is just with tamper evident hidden message, but without adhesive. You need to coat adhesive on plastic bag and laminate a release film to protect the glue. The security film is welding & joint with plastic bag by high temperature.

b. Single-Side Security Bag Tapes

Packguard single sided self-adhesion security tape are major to sealed on the plastic bags and paper envelopes, release liner can be plastic film or paper type.

Once trying to open the security bags or security envelopes which sealed with Packguard single sides security tape, the security hidden message like "VOID OPEN" will appear immediately on the tampered security tape and security bags or security envelopes.

Once the bags or envelopes sealed with Packguard single sided self-adhesion security tape, it is ensured that your goods are protected obsolutely very well.

C. Double-Sided Security Bag Tapes

Packguard double sided security tapes are based on tamper evident PET film, both sides of PET film are coated with glue and combined with release liner. Both sides, or just one side of security tape can be with security hidden message.

Packguard tamper evident security bag tapes can be customized for special requirements, which including:
- size, color and security hidden message
- imprint/topprint with LOGO and text
- professional adhesive formulation for special application surface to be a perfect tamper evident performance

- heat sensitive, water contact indicating and cold resistant are available