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Humidity Indicators

Humidity Indicators
Humidity Indicators
Semiconductor- / electronic- / electrical -equipment and their parts, to a certain extent, might be damaged under high humidity. The TANATT® humidity indicator card is a product for checking the environment i.e. the relative humidity of a sealed package for being kept within a safe range. The humidity indicator card can be used to measure the relative humidity of a sealed package easily. The user can estimate the ambient humidity of the package as well as the condition of the desiccant according to the color shown on the card. When the indicating point turns into purple (between blue and pink), the value of the indicating point on the card can be considered as the current ambient humidity. If the humidity in the package is high, the indicating point on the card will turn into pink from blue. Your products can be prevented from being exposed to moisture after this humidity card is used.

Humidity classification: 
TANATT® Blue Humidity indicator card ,cobalt free humidity indicator cards(Brown), cobalt free humidity indicator card(Yellow)

Product features:
- Easy operation and observation, quick measurement of humidity;
- Wide humidity indication range (RH5%-RH90%);
- High sensitivity humidity indicator ±5% under the relative humidity;
- Reusable (The product can be reused after dried).

Main application scope:
Packing of semiconductor, IC / IDE / circuit board (PCB) and electronic devices, storage of sensitive components, munitions, optical instrument and metals as well as vacuum packing and sealing of all products.

Quality standard:
- GJB2494-95 (Military standard of the People's Republic of China)
- MIL-I-8835A (Military standard of the USA)
- 2004/73/EC (EU Environmental Regulations) JEDEC (standard of the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council)

Operation and storage:
- DO NOT touch the indication point for fear of change of color on humidity indicator labels.
- The product shall be used according to the specified amount and not be exposed in the air for a long time (30s). The remained product with changed color shall be dried before reuse. With oven drying, bake until completely changed back to blue, the maximum temperature of 120 degrees Celsius.
- Humidity indicator can not directly contact with the electronic products, easy to pollute the electronic products, can not contact with the metal.
- The humidity indicator card shall be sealed and kept in the original can. New desiccant shall be used if the can has been opened 3 times.
- The product shall be kept in a dry and cool place for fear of direct sunlight and water.
1. 10%-60% Cobalt Free moisture indicator labels(Brown)

2.  10%-60% Blue humidity card

3. Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Card 10%-60%

4. Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Card(Brown)10%-40%

5. Blue humidity indicator card

6. Cobalt Free Humidity Indicator Card(Brown)5%-10%-60%

7. Blue humidity card (5%-10%-15%)