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Temperature Indicators

Temperature Indicators
Temperature Indicating Labels
The TANATT® Temperature Indicating Labels are supplied with press sensitive adhesive and can be attached to equipment for indicating and recording various operating temperatures.


- no need of power and wire, small size, having the function of recording the temperature, 

- easy to operate, easy to observe, low cost 

- It has pressure sensitive adhesive, formed as tag. 


The TANATT® temperature indicating stickers can be stuck on the cover of Conducting Electricity in Bus-bar Groove tie-in, knife-switch, transformer casing, etc. which need to be measured the temperature directly, to measure the temperature. Where the temperature is increasing and the nominated temperature is exceeded, the temperature contact indicator labels color (white) will change to red, black, green, yellow in succession or show the number of temperature increments that have been exceeded. After changing, the temperature contact indicator stickers do not resume original white. And the temperature tolerance is 1~2 degrees Celsius. 

The TANATT® temperature indicators made by us can be supplied with either permanent recording or reversible functions that in quality are second to none. Most types have three expression states and reverse function, that is to say, before exceeding the nominated temperature it is white; after exceeding this temperature, it would change color; when turn back to normal temperature, the color could change to the mid color. For example, red would turn back to pink and black would turn back to grey. If exceeding again, the color would change to former fresh color, so it could be used many times to reduce the cost. It only needs you to check if the labels’ color changed during normal work and is not necessary to observe it for a long time. Thus, it is much more convenient and offer great help for judging whether the current temperature is exceeding the nominated temperature. We believe the Packguard temperature sensitive labels are the least expensive in the world and we can produce variations of our current type labels by special order where quantities warrant. We have been manufacturing the temperature labels now for seven years. Examples of our  temperature stickers: temperature changes are recorded at the following increments - 55, 60, 65, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 degrees Celsius, or 131,140,149,158,167,176,185 degrees Fahrenheit. The operation life of Packguard temperature recorders are 3 years indoors and 2 years outdoors. Our labels are robust - for example they can be applied to power station components including transformer, generator junction; thimble; contactor; mains etc.