Destructible Labels

Destructible Labels
Ultra Destructible Security Labels
Destructible Security Labels will become small pieces like eggs broken at when removing from application surface. It can't be returned as initial, deterring theft continue and protecting goods safety.

Prevent tampering, and know when it happens.

Our uniquely constructed vinyl labels (fragile security labels, fragile labels) feature bold warnings and a thin, fracturable material that "chips" away when someone tries to remove it. Place these labels on seams and vulnerable parts of your electronics, tools and machinery to know when someone has attempted to alter its parts. Their "frangible" design makes them sensitive to abrasion and adjustments, so you can help maintain the security and configurations of your assets more effectively.

Find both in stock as well as easy-to-customize fragile stickers;
You may even pre-number your fragile security stickers with a sequential barcode or number;

Color, thickness, destructible levels, security printing and size of fragile security stickers can be customized for unique requirements.

Product Advantage:

  • - Immediate destructibility on many surfaces;
  • - Composed with multi security technologies is available.
  • - Low shrinkage vinyl produces dimensionally stable labels without adhesive ooze or dirty edges;
  • - Consistent, smooth film provides excellent press processing and printability;
  • - Aggressive acrylic adhesive provides high bond and excellent destructibility on most substrates, including metals, powder coated surfaces, and plastics, including many low surface energy materials;
  • - Resistant aging and high temperature, no crack and no discoloration;

  • - Safety warning labels;
  • - Licensing labels and tags;
  • - Warranty seals;
  • - Calibration seals;
  • - Package seals;
  • - Asset labels;

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