Frangible Safety Seals

Frangible Safety Seals
Frangible Security Seals
The permanent adhesive of Frangible Security Seals quickly bonds to most surfaces, so the frangible security feature is available quickly — usually less than one minute. When removed, the Safety Seal tears into pieces, and delaminates leaving the adhesive and bottom layer of paper on the affixed surface.

Constructed of synthetic paper, Safety Seals are compatible with permanent ink and felt tip markers. The synthetic paper is resistant to moisture and acceptable for limited outdoor exposure up to 90 days in most environments.

Frangible Safety Seals are also ideal for commercial applications to print serial numbers or bar codes on demand. The smooth surface is receptive to thermal transfer printing using a wax/resin ribbon.

Color, thickness, top security printing and size of fragile security stickers can be customized for unique requirements.

Paper security seals are typically lower cost and are often used on higher volume applications including retail products, medications, confidential documents, etc. Frangible paper tears easily when removed. After application, the paper seal can be removed, but the Destructible security Labels are designed to tear into multiple pieces or delaminate.

Destructible Labels are available in stock and custom versions.

Unlike film security labels, paper is receptive to a wide variety of writing and marking methods, including pencil, ink pen, felt markers, stamping dyes, thermal transfer printers, etc.

Other typical applications of destructible vinyl labels include product cartons, medicine containers, envelopes, DVD/video tape containers, bottles, etc.

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