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Self-adhesive Photoluminescent Film

Self-adhesive Photoluminescent Film

Self-adhesive Photoluminescent Film

    • Material Type: Long afterglow Luminescent
    • Glowing time: More than 12 hours
    • Day-time color:
      Rice-White Light Green Viridis Pink
      Red Blue Orange Yellow
    • Glowing color:
      Yellow-Green Blue-Green Yellow Green
      Orange Sky-Blue Purple Red
    • Glue Type: Adhesive, Moveable Glue, or Customized
    • Liner: Released paper, released film, or custom
    • Size: 1M×50M、1.22M×50M、1M×30M or Customized
    • Limited time: Indoor luminous efficiency no decay for 15 years

    • Glow in the dark, Photoluminescent Film Self-adhesive(Photoluminescent Film Tape) is a luminescent product produced on the basis of long afterglow photoluminescent material, a component that is independently developed by TANATT. It consists of Protection film layer, Light-emitting layer, adhesive layer, Liner.

      Photoluminescent Film Self-adhesive

      Photoluminescent film is made from soft PVC, Acrylic, PET etc. and is flexible and can be cut easily into any required shape, either with a pair of scissors or by die cutting. Our Photoluminescent film can be used to print any photo through a color printer. It can be printed by silk-screen printing, inkjet printing to make variety signs. Customized and OEM are both available.

      Adhesive backing enables the film to be stuck on any normal, flat surface, free from oil or grease and this product can be used outdoors.This product is a finished product and can be used to create luminous sign, designs(by indirect printing), labels, or route markers in emergency situations. See the following printed picture, Photoluminescent film are glowing in the dark.

      • Main characteristic:
      • a. They are made of Acrylic, PET,PU, PP,etc. with good fire resistance.
        b. Good performance for environment, both suitable for Hot and Cold area.
        c. It has good physical properties and is easy to cut, cut, engrave and paste.
        d. High Intensity, Various colors available, uniform permeability, good application effect, energy saving without power.
      • Applications:
      • They are widely used in the ways of vessel, vehicle, underground, channels, fire fighting etc. and they also can be made into varied kinds of marks, signs and decoration indoors.
      • Usage:
      • a. It can be applied to many kinds of printing. After printing, it can be coated protection film.
        b. It can be cut into various shapes as required. For example: strip cutting, die cutting, slicing, knife cutting, laser cutting and so on.
      • Packing and Storage:
      • Carton Capacity
        1 roll/Carton
        Net Weight
        Around 23kg
        Gross weight
        Around 25kg
        Normal Temperature, Moisture proof , Ventilation

      Remark : All test data according to the current environment condition. Different conditions may have different test results.