1. Tamper Evident VOID Materials

a. Transfer Type
TANATT® transfer tamper proof label materials are that the security hidden message/pattern reveals itself on lift labels, and transfers on the application surface after removed, showing physical evidence of removal. The damage of tamper evident label is obvious and permanent that can't be returned as before.

b. Non transfer Type
TANATT® non transfer tamper evident materials are that the security hidden message/pattern reveals itself on lift security label but no residue transferred on application surface, it showing physical evidence of removal and keep surface clean without dirty. The lift security void labels are still with sticky, thus can be stuck again, but the damage of tamper proof labels is the same obvious and can't be returned as before.

2. Destructible Label Materials

a. "Egg-Shell" Vinyl Destructible Label Materials

The TANATT® "Egg-Shell" Ultra Destructible Vinyl Label Materials are Immediate broken to be small pieces when removal is attempted. It can't be returned as initial, deterring theft continue and protecting goods safety. The color, thickness, adhesion and multi-technologies like plus hologram, water contact indicating and heat sensitive of Ultra Destructible Vinyl Label Materials can be customized for unique requirements.

b. Synthetic Destructible Paper

The permanent adhesive of Frangible Security Seals quickly bonds to most surfaces, so the frangible security feature is available quickly — usually less than one minute. When removed, the Safety Seal tears into pieces, and delaminates leaving the adhesive and bottom layer of paper on the affixed surface.

3. Hologram Label Materials

a. Resealed Hologram Label Materials
The TANATT® hologram labels can be resealed & reused for many times.

b. Tamper Evident VOID Hologram Materials
The hidden message reveals on tampered hologram labels, and transferred on applied surface after removed. The destroy is irreversible.

c. Full Transfer Self-Destructible Hologram Label Materials
The full hologram image will transfer on applied surface after security hologram labels removed. The destroy is irreversible.

4. Invisible Hologram Label Materials

Invisible hologram tamper evident material is a clear, printable face-stock material. When tampered, a bright transparent hologram appears as evidence of manipulation. A built-in dry-peel effect with adjustable release force prevents counterfeiters from replacing the removed film and provided film and provides additional security. Color and hologram hidden message of Invisible Security Hologram Stickers can be customized.